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预测干货 | 11月托福口语机经预测
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  预测干货|11月 托福口语机经预测

  2017-11-03 EIC上海启德考培



  Task 1

  Children need to learn to cooperateand get along with others when they grow up. Please give examples of how adultscan help them acquire those skills.

  Task 2

  Should government limit violence and bad language ontelevision?


  Task 1

  Describe an event in yourcountry in which people bring others gifts. What gift do people bring and why?


  Some children do not want tolearn to play a musical instrument because it takes a lot of practice. Whatshould parents do? To force them to learn an instrument or to allow theirchildren to pick which instrument they want to learn?


  Task 1

  Describe a time when you accidentlyhurt a friend.

  Task 2

  If you have some extra money,which would prefer to spend on? Objects such as clothes and electronics, orexperiences, such as vacations and concerts?


  Task 1

  If a mayor is to selected from the following candidates, who all have nopolitical experience but are successful in their own field, which one do youthink is the best candidate for mayor?

  1. A university professor

  2. A businessman

  3. A doctor

  Task 2

  Do you think it’s necessary for children’sgrowth to live far away from home and stay with relatives or friends for shortperiods of time?


  Task 1

  Your city plans to build anew museum to attract more visitors, what kind of museum do you think the cityshould build? Local museum, modern art and film museum, or science museum forchildren?

  Task 2

  Some people prefer to resolveproblems with friends directly face to face or on the phone; some others preferto resolve problems by writing, sending E-mails or text message. What is your opinion?


  Task 1

  2. One of your friends is usually exhausted forhis work. What suggestions will you give to him if he wants to cultivate somepersonal interests?

  3. Which would you recommend to build for auniversity to enhance its students' living and studying condition? 1. Cafeteria2.Swimming pool 3. Expand the scale of laboratories on campus.

  4. If you are a teacher of a tutor group and youare going to take students to a study trip, where would you take them to? 1.Ascience museum, 2.A local farm, 3. A theatre performance?

  5. What do you think is the most important thingthat parents should teach their children? Please include details in yourresponse.

  6. Do you think it’s a good idea for universityto ask a student to leave school if he was caught cheating in exams? Explainyour response in details.

  7. Which of the following is the best way tolearn about a city: to join an organized trip; to visit the museums; to takewalks in the streets of its cities.

  8. Describe how you will become different in 5years?

  9. A friend will come to your city for hercollege, but she worries the expenses would be huge, what would you recommendher to develop a reasonable consuming habit to eliminate her worries?

  10. What is the one thing that makes your countrydifferent from other countries?

  11. Which of the following choice do you thinkhas the greatest impact on environmental protection: governmental regulations,environmental awareness groups, individual efforts.

  12. In every culture there are some customs ortraditions from the past those young people no longer follow. Describe a customor tradition from the past that is no longer common but that you wish stillpopular today. Give specific reasons why you wish that still popular.


  13. Which of the following period do you consideris the most difficult one: 1.childhood, 2.teen period, 3. adulthood.

  14. Your degree requires that you should choose ahistory course. Which of the following courses would you prefer? 1.Art history;2.Twentieth-century world history; 3.Science history. Choose ONE of the threecourses. Use specific details and examples to explain why.

  15. Teaching is a challenging profession. Eventhe best teacher can make mistakes. What are the common mistakes a teacher canmake?

  16. There are many events at school which arenegative when confronted initially, while which are getting positive after weexperienced. Please give an example of events that are negative at first andpositive later for you.

  17. Which of the following three would you chooseto do in summer vacation? Working as a librarian, painter in an art center, orlife guard in the natatorium?

  18. There are many disagreements between friends.Which is one of the effective ways to solve the disagreements. Use yourexamples and details to explain.

  19. If university plans to add a new course thatis not being offered to students, which of the following courses, in youropinion, would attract most students? 1. Sound engineering and recording 2.History of rock music 3. Film studies

  20. If you are going to choose a roommate, whichof the following quality is more important to you. 1. Cleanness 2.Friendliness3.Quietness

  21. If there is a chance to go to the space, howdo you think of it?

  22. Which of the following three behaviors wouldyou consider the most negative for kids? 1.Being selfish; 2.Saying impolitethings 3.Speaking loudly in public

  23. Which of the following three activities doyou prefer to do with a group of people rather than alone? 1. Eat a meal 2.Listen to music 3. Do homework.

  24. If your friends’ family member were sick,what would you do to comfort him?

  25. Which one do you think is the most productiveway to do a history project 1.Shootingvideos 2.Interviewing the elders 3.Writing thesis

  26. Describe something that you are doing now butdid not expect to do ten years ago.

  27. There will be three kinds of physicaleducational courses in your school. All students are required to take one ofthem. Which one do you prefer: soccer, dance, or cycling?

  28. When it comes to reading current news, whichof the following would you prefer? Politics, sports or art and films

  29. The university decides to remodel thedormitory and add a new space to it. Which space do you recommend to add inyour dormitory? 1. Café; 2. Study room 3. Game room

  30. There is going to have students’ TV show.Which show would you like to watch? 1. Interview school leaders 2. Students’debates on political and social topics. 3. Comedy about school life

  31. Describe a behavior that many people may doin public that you find inconsiderate.

  32. Which one would you like to choose for yourfinal project:presentation, paper, video

  33. Your degree requires you to take one course,which one would you choose? 1. Energy and environment 2.Health and nutrition 3.Solar system

  34. If you are going to have an interview with afamous person in your community, which of the following people will you choose?1.A successful businessman 2.A famous professor 3.An artist

  35. Which of the following people can give mostuseful help in your future career direction: 1.Teachers 2.Families 3.Friends;Chooses one and explain why.

  36. Among the following jobs, which do you thinkis the most exciting one, and why?

  1. Airplane pilot; 2. Actor 3.detective

  37. University students encounter many difficultchallenges in their studies. Which challenge do you think is the most difficultone and how do you deal with it?

  38. Your university has acquired a piece of landnext to the campus. There have been three options for the use of the land. Whichdo you prefer? Why? 1. The athletic facilities and stadiums 2. A park withnature trails 3. Centers for students and hotel for campus guests

  39. If university is given financial support todevelop researches, which one do you think would receive more benefits: 1. topredict whether more accurately; 2. to clean rivers and ocean; 3. to deal without space?

  40. The government is planning to invest in oneof the three areas. Which do you think is the most worthwhile? Landexploration, education, or health care?

  41. Which one of the following threecharacteristics do you think is the most important for someone who wants tostart a business? 1. outgoing and friendly; 2. Creative; 3. Well-organized

  42. Which of the following photography clubactivities do you prefer? 1.attend an exhibition in a photography museum;2.attend a professional photographer’s lecture;3.go on a road trip and practice taking pictures of nature scenery

  43. Your friend often forgets other people'snames and forgets to register for classes. What do you suggest your friend do?

  44. Children need to learn to cooperate and getalong with others when they grow up. Please give examples of how adults canhelp them acquire those skills.

  45. Which one do you think the followingoccupation can be the mayor? 1. Doctor; 2. Banker; 3. University professor;

  46. After accomplishing some tasks, what wouldyou do to reward yourself?

  47. Talk about a popular actor, musician, orartist whose work you do not admire. Explain with details.

  48. Talk about a book you have read that wasuseful to you. Explain with details.

  49. Describe a job that you wanted when you werea child but will not chose now.

  50. What kind of working condition is importantto you: 1. flexible work time; 2. friendly co-workers; 3.a supportive boss.

  51. If your friend wants to make a purchase butdoes not have enough money for it. What would you advise him to do?

  52. Which challenge do you think is the mostdifficult for university students: being far away from families, finding timeto relax, making new friends?

  53. Talk about an activity you enjoyed doingrecently.

  54. Among the following three professions, whichdo you respect the most: photographers, musicians, painters? Explain why.

  55. Talk about one thing in your school thatneeds to be improved. Include examples and details in your answer.

  56. Talk about a news or social event thathappened in your country lately.

  57. Do you think the government should discouragethe use of cars or other vehicles to reduce traffic problem.

  58. The university dining hall is changing itsfood service to include more healthy food with lower calories. What do you thinkare the advantages and disadvantages of this change?

  59. Talk about the disadvantages of online shopping.

  60. What personal quality do you admire most:creativity, courage or intelligence?

  61. What do you think are the advantages anddisadvantages of having laptop computers in the classroom?

  62. Do you think college students should beallowed to keep pets in their dormitory?

  63. Talk about two schools which you attended andtheir differences.

  64. Talk about the best aspect of the educationsystem in your country.

  65. Among the following three types of work,which would you enjoy doing the most: helping children with communicationproblems, doing community work, growing plants in the garden?

  66. If you are given an assignment, what wouldyou do to make sure it is finished on schedule?

  67. Talk about one thing the government can do toimprove the educational system in your country. Give details and examples inyour answer.

  68. If the school received some funding, what doyou wish it will be spent on? A sports gym, a laboratory or a scientificresearch facility?

  69. What suggestions would you give to a friendwho is starting a new job. Give examples and details in your response.

  70. Talk about an interesting school activitythat you participated in recently. Give details and examples in your response.

  71. Which of the following hospital volunteer workswould you be interested in doing? Take care of patient's family, talk topatients, or read to patients?

  72. Which of the following activities would yourather be doing on weekends, watching TV, spending time with families, orworking out in the gym?

  73. If you have a chance to learn something new,which of the following would you choose to learn: flying an airplane, playing asport or playing a musical instrument?

  74. Nowadays many people move to cities to workand study. What advantages does moving to cities bring to people?

  75. Which of the following is the most effectiveway of learning: studying from textbooks, having a discussion with a group orreading articles written by others.

  76. If you can have a part-time job at theuniversity, what position would you choose? A lab assistant, a campus tourguide or a library assistant?

  77. Which of the following activities would youdo with friends rather than alone, taking a walk, watching a movie, ortraveling?

  78. Talk about what you like to do during sparetime.

  79. Your friend has a bad eating habit. Whatsuggestions would you like to give the friend?

  80. Which of the following jobs would you like todo? Actor/actress, computer programmer, or business owner.

  Task 2

  2. Do you prefer to purchase a new electronicdevice right after it is available in store or wait for a while? Please includespecific details in your explanation.

  3. Do you prefer outdoor activities or indooractivities? Please include specific details in your explanation.

  4. Whether or not a school is successful solelydepends on how many textbooks the school has. Do you agree or disagree with thestatement? Please include specific details in your explanations.

  5. Some students prefer to study for only onelong time during a week. Other students prefer to study for several short timesduring a week. Which do you prefer and why? Use specific reasons and examplesto support your choice.

  6. Do you prefer to be friends with those whoshare the same opinion as you do or the people who hold different opinions?Please include specific details in your explanation.

  7. Do you agree or disagree with the followingstatement: current celebrities (like musicians, actor/actress, and athlete) seta good example as role model the young people.

  8. Do you like to make a plan with friends aboutsocial activities in advance or plan it when you attend it?

  9. Some people believe that it is the innatetalents make a person an artist. While others think that it is the efforts aperson put in that make the person an artist. Which do you prefer and why?

  10.Agree or disagree that schools who encouragethe development of students’ creativity and imagination are likely to have moresuccessful students? Use specific examples and details to explain your idea.

  11. It is important to maintain relationship withfamily members than with friends? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

  12. Which one of the two patterns would helppeople to know each other better, meeting at the first sight or throughlong-term relationship?

  13. Some people prefer to spend lots of money onvacation. Some people would spend little money on vacation. Which do you preferand why?

  14. Some college students like to join clubs andenjoy club activities, others like to spend their time studying other coursesor doing schoolwork. Which one do you think is better and why?

  15. Some people like surprise visits from theirfriends, others prefer to be informed ahead of the visit. Which one do youprefer?

  16. Agree or disagree: the boss should strictlysupervise their employees.

  17. Your professor requires you to help with aschool research. You also have to get back to hometown to attend you sister’sbirthday party, what will you do?

  18. Do you agree or disagree with the followingstatement? Older doctors are more knowledgeable than young doctors? Usespecific details and examples to explain why.

  19. How do you think of being absorbed in theircell phone would be impolite when you are at a party?

  20. Do you agree or disagree with the followingstatement: it is easier to teach students in primary school than it is to teachstudents in university?

  21. Nowadays, people use extreme method, likesurgery to change their appearance; they do this because they are trying tobecome more attractive. Do you think this is a good idea?

  22. Do you agree or disagree with the followingstatement? Students learn more when teachers assign a lot of homework. Usespecific details and examples to explain why.

  23. Which would you prefer: start a project asearly as possible or wait until the deadline?

  24. Do you agree or disagree with the statement:spending time with family is more important than working or studying.

  25. Some people think that they can learn more inthe early morning; others think they will learn more in the afternoon classes.What do you think?

  26. Some are willing to own and manage their owncompany, and some prefer to work in others’ company. Which do you prefer andwhy?

  27. Some people prefer to buy new books whilesome people would like to buy used books, what is your opinion?

  28. How do you think about the statement thatrobots can replace human beings to finish a lot of tasks? Use specific reasonsand details to support your idea.

  29. It is important for a child to spend a shortperiod of time living far away from home, visiting relatives and friends.

  30. Some people think playing sports might makechildren more aggressive. What is your opinion?

  31. Do you agree or disagree that to succeed weneed to make enemies?

  32. Do you agree or disagree that it is importantfor young people to learn some domestic skills like cooking, sewing and takingcare of children?

  33. Do you agree or disagree with the statementthat senior students should take a gap year before entering college?

  34. Do you agree or disagree with the followingstatement? With the popularity of the technology that focuses on entertainment,people read fewer books than before.

  35. Some people believe that class discussionsshould be part of the grade. Others believe that only written assignments andexams should be part of the grade. Which one do you agree and why?

  36. Preference: Do you prefer to rent a housethat is very close to your school but will cost more or a house that is farfrom your school but costs less?

  37. Some say scientists should choose researchareas based on their own interest, while others hold that scientists should doresearch that concerns the public the most. Which one do you agree with?

  38. To communicate with others, do you prefer tosend text messages or making calls?

  39. Two offers. One is from a well-known andexpensive university that is famous for its academic reputation. And the otheris from a less known university which offers a scholarship to cover your tuition,which one would you choose?

  40. All people should be required to stop workingand retire by age 65. Do you agree or disagree?

  41. Many people think that students study coursematerials more effectively by taking exams, while others think that studentslearn more effectively through doing other activities such as writing paper orcompleting projects, which do you think is more effective for students tolearn?

  42. You have been very busy and unable to preparefor the exam tomorrow. You can either stay up late to study and sleep less orjust study less and get full night’s sleep. Which will you choose?

  43. Do you agree or disagree with this statementthat we should help our friends only when they ask for help.

  44. Some people prefer to give their opinionsimmediately. Others prefer to wait and listen to others’ opinion before givingtheir own. Which one do you think is better?

  45. Which one do you agree? Children born withtalent should be treated in a different way or they should be treated in thesame way as average children.

  46. Some people believe old people should nottake risk and participate in adventurous events as the young people. Do youagree? Why?

  47. Some people believe that we should notinclude in the news the private life of popular people, like movie stars andsingers. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

  48. Do you agree or disagree with the statementthat female and male university students should have separate residence halls.

  49. Some students enjoy decorating theirsurroundings; others choose to keep their surroundings simple and free of anydecorations. Which do you prefer and why?

  50. Some people think that, with the developmentof technology and the Internet, libraries will disappear, while others thinklibraries are always necessary. Which one do you agree? Give specific detailsto support your opinion.

  51. Do you prefer roommates from the samecultural background or different background?

  52. Some people believe technology has broughtpeople closer and others believe that technology actually isolate people. Whichone do you agree with? Explain why.

  53. Do you prefer listening to music or doingnothing when you go from a place to another?

  54. Do you think it is easier to be a child thanan adult?

  55. Do you agree or disagree that it's acceptablefor students to disagree with their instructors?

  56. When you take a trip, do you prefer to justtake a look around, or do you prefer to take pictures and keep a journal on thetrip?

  57. Some people prefer to eat at fast food restaurants;others prefer to eat at other restaurants. Which do you prefer?

  58. Do you think it’s easier to be a teacher or astudent?

  59. Do you agree or disagree: children should dohousework when they’re old enough.

  60. Some people prefer to do take a vacation incities; others prefer to spend their vocation in countryside. Which do youprefer? Explain why.

  61. Some people prefer to live in the present;others prefer to be prepared for the future and plan ahead. Which do youprefer? Explain why.

  62. Do you agree or disagree: the wealthy shoulddo more to help the poor. Explain your answer in details.

  63. Some people enjoy doing indoor activities.Others prefer outdoors. Which do you prefer and why.

  64. Do you agree or disagree: playing video gamesis a waste of time.

  65. Do you agree or disagree: it’s easier toteach primary school students than to teach university students.

  66. Some people prefer to take courses that arerelated to their future career; others prefer to take a variety of course.Which do you prefer and why?

  67. Some students like to take notes in class;others prefer to mainly listen to the teacher. Which do you prefer and why?

  68. Do you agree or disagree: University studentsshould take part-time jobs.

  69. When studying aboard, some students prefer tolive by themselves or with their friends; others prefer to live with a localfamily. Which do you think is better?

  70. Do you agree or disagree: watching sportsprogram on TV is not a good use of time.

  71. When having some extra money, some peopleprefer to save it; others prefer to spend it. Which one do you prefer?

  72. Some teachers like to give assignments inperson; others prefer to give class assignments by email. Which do you preferand why?

  73. Some people prefer to finish reading a bookin one setting; others prefer to read a few pages each time. Which do youprefer? Explain your answer in details.

  74. Some people prefer to watch news every day;others prefer to watch news once in a while. Which do you prefer and why?

  75. Some people prefer to live in one city theirentire life; others prefer to move around. Which do you prefer?

  76. Some people prefer to study in classrooms;others prefer to visit the zoo and museum to study. Which do you prefer andwhy?

  77. Some people prefer to buy high-tech productsas soon as they are introduced to the market; others wait for some time to getthem. Which do you prefer?

  78. Do you agree or disagree: cellphones arenecessary for someone to run a successful business.

  79. Do you agree or disagree: watching sportsprogram on TV is not a good use of time.

  80. Some people prefer to do indoor activities;others prefer to do outdoor activities. Which do you prefer and why?

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