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  1 1100

  2 30

  3 week

  4 walking

  5 Tuesday

  6 6

  7 forest

  8 Coast

  9 gardens

  10 farm


  11-16 搭配

  11. B

  12. G

  13. C

  14. A

  15. D


  17-20 选择

  17. A

  18. A

  19. B

  20. A


  21. classical history

  22. compulsory

  23. objective matters


  25. course work

  26. towns and cities

  27. origins

  28. an oral

  29. location

  30. seminars


  31. frog habitat



  34. insects

  35. media

  36. fear

  37. rivals

  38. plants

  39. food

  40. blood




  Cambridge 8 Test3 Passage3 how does the biological clock tick?



  1.Largest growth was in the UK. NOT GIVEN

  2. Less families are supporting the old members. TRUE

  3.People over 90 are now have good health. TRUE

  4.Centenarians have better health than supercentenarians. FALSE

  5.None of the subjects in Chistensen’s studies now take care of themselves. FALSE

  6.Studies conducted in Cambridge and China presented conflicting views with Christensen’s finding. FALSE

  7.Centenarians feel more isolated than younger generations. NOT GIVEN



  9. genetics

  10. Okinawa







  1. ii regional differences in settlement

  2. iv shared labor and resources

  3. ix effects of living animals on settlement type

  4. vii one form of settlement that has not been explained

  5. I why certain locations are chosen

  6. iii new methods of investigating lifestyles and settlements


  In parishes, 20 farmhouses are together with hamlets. In the area where practice of 21 arable farming was dominant, people worked together for the 22 clearance of woodland and built 23 dikes. In areas where 24 pastoral farming was prevalent, people and livestock lived in 25 long houses. The hamlets were created through the 26 division of property by the descendants.











  Questions 27-31

  Choose the correct letter, A, B, C or D.

  Write your answers in boxes 27-31 on your answer sheet.

  27 What is the main purpose of paragraph ONE? D

  A Introduction of professor James Paul Gee.

  B Introduction of the video game: Pajamas Sam.

  C Introduction of types of video games.

  D Introduction of the background of this passage.

  28 What does the author want to express in the second paragraph? C

  A Video games are widely considered harmful for children’s brain.

  B Most violent video games are the direct reason of juvenile delinquency.

  C Even there is a certain proportion of violence in most video games; scientists and psychologists see its benefits of children’s intellectual abilities.

  D Many parents regard video games as time-wasters, which rot children’s brain.

  29 What is correctly mentioned in paragraph four? B

  A Some schools use video games to teach students abstract and high level thinking.

  B Video games improves the brain ability in various aspects.

  C Some surgeons have better skills because they play more video games.

  D Skillful fighter pilots in this generation love to play video games.

  30 What is the expectation of the experiment the three researchers did? D

  A Gamers have to make the best use of the limited resource.

  B Gamers with better math skills will win in the end.

  C Strategy game players have better ability to make quick decisions.

  D Video games help increase the speed of players’ reaction effectively.

  31 Peter Vorderer’s use of IMRS experiments shows that

  D subjects maybe unaware of their physical confinement

  Questions 32-35

  Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 3?

  In boxes 32-35on your answer sheet, write

  TRUE if the statement agrees with the information

  FALSE if the statement contradicts the information

  NOT GIVEN if there is no information on this

  32 Most video games are popular because of their violent content. NOT GIVEN

  33 The action game players minimized the percentage of making mistakes in the experiment. FALSE

  34 It would be a good idea for schools to apply video games in their classrooms. NOT GIVEN

  35 Those people who are addicted to video games have lots of dopamine in their brains. TRUE

  Questions 36-40

  Use the information in the passage to match the people (listed A-F) with opinions or

  deeds below. Write the appropriate letters A-F in boxes 36-40 on your answer sheet.

  A The writer’s opinion

  B James Paul Gee

  C Shawn Green

  D Daphne Bavelier

  E Steven Johnson

  F Jacob Benjamin

  36 Video games as other daily life skills alter the brain’s physical structure. C

  37 Brain is ready to make decisions without hesitation when players are immersed

  in playing stressful games. D

  38 The purpose-motivated experience that video games offer plays an essential

  role in studying. B

  39 Players are good at tackling prompt issues with future intensions. E

  40 It helps children broaden their horizon in many aspects and gain self-confidence. A



  柱状图描述的是dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, home computer, satellite/cable TV, mobile phone, CD players, microwave oven and mobile phone 9种家庭用品在在2001年和2008年的比例变化。



  Nowadays, people in some countries can choose to live and work anywhere they want, because of the improvement of the communication technology and transport. Do advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

  In the past, walking to school or office, as the primary choice of most ordinary residents due to the lack of proper and time-saving transport, confined their residence within a small proximity. Continuous technological breakthroughs in modern transport, by contrast, have enabled contemporary people to enjoy greater freedom regarding the locations of their residence and work. Personally, I am convinced that this is a remarkable social progress, which guarantees overwhelming benefits.

  Among all the possible merits prompted by this trend, the most evident one, first and foremost, is that citizens are able to dwell in suburban area, where the property price is relatively lower, though most companies are situated in central business district. Compared to the amount of time spent on commuting between home and workplaces by shuttle or metro, costly but tiny urban accommodation might be a greater concern. For this reason, the accessibility to affordable housing to a majority of working persons itself can outweigh any inconvenience brought about accordingly, let alone many other upsides to both individuals and the society as whole, including more spacious living environment, desirable air quality away from crowded city centre or industrial areas, and a more balanced distribution of residents between central and suburban areas.

  In addition, a variety of high-quality telecommunication devices available in the current market, ranging from smart phones to portable computers, and countless practical and useful communication applications that can be downloaded from the Internet, like Skype and FaceTime, are two crucial factors to guarantee an instant contact and long-distance person-to-person interaction. With these desirable features, the young generation is willing to leave their hometown for pursuing better education and diverse life experience in other nations, or move towards megacities for seeking more promising job opportunities. In contrast to the physical distance from families, this personal pursuit based on one’s genuine willingness and preference plays a more favourable role in his or her career development and possibly even life quality from a long-term perspective.

  To sum up, as the communication industry and the transport system develop, the connections and interaction between people in different regions will be closer and more frequent. The exchange of international talents, as a consequence, becomes more frequent to favour social progress in various aspects.

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