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ACT双语阅读 MH370搜寻工作重启
资讯 · 2018-02-28 13:47:33


ACT双语阅读 MH370搜寻工作重启

  AZUZ: Up next, a restart in the search for a missingpassenger jet in the Indian Ocean. Malaysian AirlinesFlight 370 vanished on March 8, 2014. It was flyingfrom Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China, with239 people on board. But it suddenly changedcourse during its trip and headed toward theSouthern Indian Ocean. Some pieces of the planehave washed up in Tanzania, an island east of the African continent.


  But despite an underwater search that lasted almost three years after the plane'sdisappearance, the governments of Australia, China, and Malaysia suspended their searchoperations last January. They never found out what happened to the plane, but there's newhope that the mystery will one day be solved.


  MATT RIVERS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: With the official government-led search into whathappened to MH-370 ended about a year ago now, but now, this U.S.-based private companycalled Ocean Infinity says it will pick up where those governments left off.


  The official search went over an area of 120,000 square kilometers. That was at the time whereinvestigators believed this plane would be most likely to be. But at the end of that search,investigators also pointed to a 25,000 square kilometer area nearby, they said that could alsobe an area where this plane could be found.


  That smaller area is where Ocean Infinity says it will be focusing its search. And it says that ithas the technology to do so. It said it's different than what the governments used. It said thatthey had these things called autonomous underwater vehicles. That means that they'reunderwater vehicles that are not tethered to ships on the surface. Because of that, thecompany says that they can go deeper, collect higher quality data and it makes theirtechnology ideal for this search.


  The search terms, the deal that they struck with the Malaysian government, this will be a 90-day search, only about three months to search this 25,000 square kilometer area and it's on"no find, no fee" deal. Meaning that if the company doesn't find the plane, then they're notgoing to get paid by the Malaysian government. They're taking on the economic risks, at leastto start.


  And while the whole world is interested in what happened to this plane, what caused it todisappear, the people who are most interested in finding out what happened would, of course,be the family members of this 230-plus people who disappeared when the plane itselfdisappeared. We reached out to some of those family members who live here in Beijing earlierand the general theme was that they are happy that the search is continuing, but they saythere's been a lack of transparency in this process going back years. And despite this latestdevelopment, they're not really expecting anything to change.


  Matt Rivers, CNN, Beijing.


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